Boxers Who Didn’t Win Gold At Olympics But Had Great Pro Career

Boxers Who Didn’t Win Gold At Olympics But Had Great Pro Career

It is very fascinating how boxing has been dubbed as the most violent sports at the Olympic Games. Even though boxing has been part of the Olympic Games for ages, it is still manifesting scores of reactions amongst different sports fanatics.

Boxers might have significant success in amateur events and at some point, they might develop into a force to reckon with on the pro circuit. There are quite a number of boxers who didn't make it at the boxing top-flight especially during the Olympics.

John H. Stracey

John Stracey was hailed from London and he represented Great Britain during the 1968 Olympics which took place in Mexico City. During his first-round, he comfortably overcame his Canadian counterpart. Only to be pitted against the mighty southpaw Ronnie Harris during the second round.

Even though he might have succumbed to pressure and the Olympic tension, Stracey gave his opponents many causes for worry. Even though he lost on points despite one of the judges giving him the edge over his opponents. Stracey will always be remembered as one of the bravest boxers who graced the Olympics event. Yet might have lost but he pulled up a very good performance and even now some best online casino and sports sites still talk about him.

Gilberto Roman

Roman was a Mexican boxer who participated in the 1980 Olympics that took place in Moscow. Whilst competing in the flyweight category, Roman went on and lost the match in the quarter-finals when he pitted Peter Lesov of Bulgaria who then went all the way and claims the gold medal in the flyweight division.

Trained by boxing hall of Famer Ignacio Beristain, according to reports from some gambling sites in the usa, Roman was always destined for some exceptional things. He might have failed to win during the Olympics but his career wasn't a bad one after all. He won quite a number of national championships. He then joined the professional circuit in 1981. He went on and clinch the Super Flyweight title in 1986 when he got the better of Jiro Watanabe.