Games That You Can Play On Zoom

Games That You Can Play On Zoom

Staying at home has been a hard thing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You may be home alone and bored, not knowing what you can do to pass time. Some play casino games through sites like jokaroom online casino. Well, you can also play games with your friends via zoom.

Name in The Bag and Guess Who?

This game is usually played on Christmas day. Celebrity names are put on post it notes then you stick them on someone's head. After that your family has to guess who it is. The good thing is that you do not [have to wait for Christmas for you to play this game. You can play the game on zoom or any other video conferencing apps. Make sure the player does not see the name of the celebrity until they have gu8essed the right name and also if they have run out of guesses.

A Day In Paris

The game is not the same as casino games (jeux de casino), this one is for Paris lovers. The game is a group virtual tour and it can built your team skills in a fun way. It is a one hour virtual tour that will be led by a very experienced tour guide. This guide will be throwing challenges as he leads you on this tour. The most exciting thing is that the tour guides are very knowledgeable when it comes to the city of lights, you may be surprised to note that they know about other countries as well. Also, you can ask anything and everything that you may want to know about Paris. You can even ask questions that are related to the culture of people in this city. The guide will even provide some usseful tips in case you would like to visit in the future. You can book the tour so that you can take it whenever you like.


The Riddle starts with a big puzzle that is so exciting. After that, there are small riddles that participating teams have to solve in order to solve the big puzzle.