Golden Palace Casino an originator in controversial gaming and gambling campaigns; Paddy Power and Sports Bet followed their lead says Media Man agency

Golden Palace Casino an originator in controversial gaming and gambling campaigns; Paddy Power and Sports Bet followed their lead says Media Man agency - 2017

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Advertising Promotions removable tattoo on professional boxer

Once upon a time online casinos were in their infancy both in Australia and globally.

Ok, the nature of the online landscape means it is a global medium by default, hence the principals of the internet - World Wide Web (not Australian web et al).

Online gaming, be it online poker, online casino games, online games of skill and all the rest where just staring to become a staple of the Australian web landscape, and boom - a professional boxing match was aired that featured boxer Bernard Hopkins sporting a GoldenPalace removable (we sure hope) tattoo on his back. This of course was picked up by the numerous cameramen and photographers in attendance, and the images were beamed across the global, both via the internet and PPV, as well as sports and news highlight clips.

Australian leading ambush marketing guru Kym Illman would have been proud of the accomplishment. Welcome to the age of Ambush Marketing, online gaming style. Years later Illman ambushed fellow marketing gun, Richard Branson - king of the Virgin Group empire, but that's another story.

Many believe, including mainstream news media, that Paddy Power was the first to push the envelope in highly controversial online casino advertising, but it was in fact GoldenPalace.

Early to mid 2017 Sports Bet further pushed the envelope using undisputed drug cheat, former Olympian Ben Johnson as a front man in its advertising campaigns using lines such as 'Get an unfair advantage" and 'Droid' this and that (reference to STEROIDS ETC)

With the online volatility in the Australian online gaming, gambling, including sports betting sector, we thought it was timely just to give a bit of a history lesson to those who follow the business of gaming and gambling, as well as the greater marketing landscape.

A few years back Commission 365 also dabbled in somewhat controversial gambling advertising using acting sensation Samuel S. Jackson as their frontman, but it was their bonus advertising which caught the ire of Australian advertising regulators, and the adverts were later pulled off the air (and for the most part, off the internet also).

The above campaigns made anything that Aussie Cricket legend Shane Warne and boxing great Jeff Fenech do in the gambling and poker arena look pretty mild in comparison. Fenech has moved on to reality television shows, cricket campaigns and more mainstream brand endorsements, while Fenech is back to boxing campaigns for the most part.

American pro wrestling legends Hulk Hogan has dabbled in the gambling arena, with his Hulk-A-Mania slot machine, with assistance from Eric Bischoff, and 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair fronted some Carolina based education lottery campaigns circa 2009, utilizing his trademark Woooooo!

Sports Entertainment aka professional wrestling powerhouse, the WWE (then WWF) dabbled in online poker with their WWF Poker brand circa 2008, and Kevin Nash (formally known as Diesel) carried a lot of online casino advertising on his official website around the same period.

Today mega heel WWE Superstar 'The Miz' (Mike) is quite an expert in the Daily Fantasy Sports sector, and from time to time has a promo appear on TMZ YouTube and the like. Miz doesn't every talk sports betting on WWE television shows, but he doesn't need to, thanks to the power of the internet - World Wide Web (not Australian Web and not American Web).

To absolutely no ones surprise MMA global leader, the UFC, has been associated with a number of sports betting brands over the years, as well as frequently holding their matches in land based casinos, more often than not in Las Vegas, which was of course built and controlled by the mob (some will say still is). By the way, look up the history of Station Casinos, which basically financed the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's quite the history lesson.

No doubt about it, the Fertitta brothers have done extremely well out of the mixed martial arts and casino world, and then some. Again, look up the history. Could be great fodder for an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary or something to that effect sometime, but we're not sure the Feritta bros. would care to be interviewed. By the way, we love the UFC, and we find this history of the ultra successful promotion quite fascinating.

How can we discuss the history of profession sports and sports betting without not mentioning Don King. Not sure you would want to ask 'Iron' Mike Tyson about this subject, but take your chances if you must.

We trust you have enjoyed this brief look at the connection between casinos, sports betting, celebrities, mass media, the world wide web and the like. We've only just skimmed (online betting reference) the surface, but more information is just mouse clicks away.

Media and advertising executives out there - yes, we do take on additional campaigns from time to time, just drop us a mail. Contact Us.

As always, bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

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