Macau, Philippines, Las Vegas and Atlantic City; Poker and casino hot spots and gambling Mecca's down but not out says Media Man agency

Macau, Philippines, Las Vegas and Atlantic City; Poker and casino hot spots and gambling Mecca's down but not out says Media Man agency - 2018

Regulated and online based gaming may help resurrect industry; Las Vegas sports betting and NFL book makers watching with keen interest. Racing to get meaningful first mover advantage

World Casino Directory, Poker News Daily, Gambling911, PokerNews chasing more details

Celebrity poker players may hold key to success

World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, Aussie Millions Poker Championship watching television and online streaming rights space

Twitch gaming entrepreneurs positioning for pitch

Steve Wynn downfall may be other casinos windfall; Wynn downward spiral presents strong opportunities for processional operators with clean reputations and ethical dealings

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency element may factor in but only is Chinese regulators permit it; Crypto currency exchanges need to tighten security so no repeat of Japanese exchange hole

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Australia's James Packer might have got burnt and cut his losses. Can other operators might turn the ship around with a fresh approach or should Macau government take control of all aspects to avoid what might be seen as overseas based predators?


The omnipresent Chinese dragon. Who will light a fire under this mythical creature?


Australia's James Packer in happier days when his Macau based casino interests were on the rise


Lawrence Ho, gambling king pin is likely to remain squaly in the middle of the action. Ho maintains a friendship with Australian gambling and business tycoon James Packer


Richard Branson in Casino Royale movie. Whispers that Branson may have an interest into invest and develop casino and gaming operations with the Asia Pacific. Branson maintains Virgin Casino and Virgin Games brands which the Media Man agency helped delelop in the online space for a 5 year plus duration. Ready to develop land based operations, adding to Virgin Hotels presence in the United States? There's more than one way to skin a rat!


James Packer and Richard Branson. No stranger to each other


Steve Wynn and his (ex) wife in happier days. Mr Wynn's chances of good business in the Asia Pacific et al at present are slim and none. One might say he has rooted his business


Leonardo DiCaprio could deliver some star power but Macau would't want a real life Molly's Game scenario. If legal and above board it could be a different story.


Shane Warne, cricket legend is known for his poker and mobile phone exploits the world over


Casino babes. Too holt for the orient or just what the doctor ordered?


World Series of Poker is always looking for more good business opportunities


World Poker Tour would like to grow business in an ethical and legal fashion in most parts of the world. Golden opportunity for this switched on operator


Japanese companies and people popular with Australians; Where does China, Korea, Macau and the rest of the Orient rank with down under Australians? - 2018

World's Biggest Gamblers; History Of Bets At Casinos - Kerry Packer, David Walsh Et Al

Packer's Crown Resorts seals $370m Las Vegas land sale - 29th January 2018

News media, social media giants and content creators battle for eyeballs, hearts, minds and advertising budgets

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Monero vs Ethereum; A perfect storm of cryptocurrencies; Australia-wide, American, Japanese and Korean / Chinese implications

Poker and online poker battles for industry supremacy heat's up: Poker News Daily vs on one front; World Series of Poker vs World Poker Tour vs Aussie Millions at Crown Melbourne and other start-ups

Where will the Australian poker industry go?; Bitcoin and Blockchain says Media Man agency

Online gaming companies in for huge 2011 - 23rd November 2010

Richard Branson plans private eco-resort in British Virgin Islands - 4th July 2008

Richard Branson plays casino at?

Richard Branson eyes hotel, tech deals Down Under - March 2015

James Packer targets Asian high-rollers with new Sydney casino - 16th May 2013

Shinsuke Nakamura win in WWE Royal Rumble 2018 is fan and business friendly; Shakes up sports entertainment world and keeps things interesting in vs New Japan Pro Wrestling battle says Media Man agency

A Sporting Legend and the Media Man - February - March 2009



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Bitcoin gaming, trading and casinos: Media, publicity and advertising opportunities via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment

NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING Announce Australian Tour

Gaming event promotions - Media Man Int and Media Man Australia showcase online

USI-Tech: Automated bitcoin mining and trading platform

Sports betting and Fantasy Sports advertising, publicity and media opportunities available via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment

Media, advertising and promotional opportunities for online Lottery, Bingo, eSports and games of skill brands



Molly's Game | Official Trailer | Coming Soon

Marquee Sydney September Preview | Marquee Sydney | 2014 (multimedia)

Marquee Sydney. The Star, Sydney, Australia: In pictures and video


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