Naked News represented in Australia, Asia Pacific by Media Man agency

Naked News represented in Australia, Asia Pacific by Media Man agency

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Naked News is a Canadian news and entertainment program owned by Naked Broadcasting Network. It features nude female news presenters reading news bulletins derived from news wires. The show's production studio is located in Toronto, Canada. There are six daily news programs a week and they are approximately 22 minutes long. The female cast members either read the news fully nude, or disrobe as they present their various segments, including entertainment, sports, movies, food, sex and relationships. Naked News TV! is an offshoot of the web program and is broadcast on pay TV in various countries around the world.

The show recruits women from around the world to appear on a regular basis or as guest reporters. Their auditions, where women try out for the program, is one of the most popular segments and generates the most viewer feedback. Another popular segment is Naked in the Streets, where a reporter will go topless in the street and ask the public about topics.


Then Naked News anchor Christine Kerr, in Toronto (Canada), 2008

Naked News was conceived by Fernando Pereira and Kirby Stasyna and debuted in December 1999[4] as a web-based news service featuring an all-female cast. It began with only one anchor, Victoria Sinclair, who worked for the program until 2015. As the show grew the number of female anchors increased. Roxanne West joined Sinclair as a lead anchor, and other cast members included Holly Weston, Lily Kwan, Sandrine Renard, Erin Sherwood, Athena King, Brooke Roberts, Michelle Pantoliano, Erica Stevens, Samantha Page, Christine Kerr and Valentina Taylor, plus guest anchors. The website was popularized entirely by word of mouth, and quickly became a popular web destination. During the height of its popularity, the website was receiving over six million unique visitors per month. In the site's early days the entire newscast could be viewed for free online. The site was initially supported by advertising but this changed after the collapse of Internet advertising that occurred with the dot-com crash. By 2002 only one news segment could be viewed freely, and by 2004, no free content remained on the website. Beginning in 2005, a nudity-free version of Naked News was available to non-subscribers. Beginning in June 2008, two news segments could be viewed freely. However, this ended in December 2009.

Following the success of The Naked Truth, a similar show on Russian television, Naked News launched Naked News TV!, the first Internet news program to successfully transfer from website to cable television. It was initially broadcast on Viewers Choice in Canada in 2001, and was first broadcast in the United States a few months later by the iN DEMAND cable TV service on its Too Much for TV pay-per-view network that also included Girls Gone Wild. In 2002 it was broadcast in Australia on The Comedy Channel via cable and satellite television platforms Foxtel and Austar. The British channel Sumo TV briefly showed episodes of Naked News, while the free-to-view Playboy One broadcast the show at 9:30pm Mondays-Fridays until its closure in 2008.

Naked News launched a Japanese version of the show in 2006. Japanese broadcasting regulations prohibited the presenters from being fully naked, allowing them only to strip to their underwear. In 2007 the Japanese government changed broadcasting guidelines to prevent the show receiving a subsidy for the section delivered in sign language.

A male version of the show ran from 2001 until 2007. It was created to parallel the female version, but ceased production as it did not enjoy the female version's popularity and fame. Although it was originally targeted towards female viewers (at one point said to be 30% of the website's audience), the male show later promoted itself as news from a queer perspective.

In the media

In 2013 the Naked News show was the subject of an eight-part documentary series called Naked News Uncovered which was broadcast on Super Channel in Canada.

The female announcers have been featured in almost every medium including television (CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, The View, Sally Jessy Raphaël, and numerous appearances on Entertainment Tonight and ET Insider), newspapers and magazines (TV Guide, Playboy), and as guests on multiple radio shows, including Howard Stern.