The World's Oldest Casinos

The World's Oldest Casinos

Online casino gaming can be fun at time. Especially considering the fact that you will the best convenience with better real money gaming. But have you ever thought about where it actually all started. Before the advent of the internet, where people going for their casino gaming.
Here are some of the spots it all began. Let us get to know the oldest casinos in the world right now.

Casino di Venezia
Founded in1638, the 382 year old casino is based in Italy. This happens to be the oldest casino in the world and, of course, in Italy. If you want to try it out, you can find it at the Grand Canal in Veneto, the Cannaregio quarter of Venice. The best part is that the only way to get to the casino is by using a boat or gondola.

According to bestusacasinosites online casino, the casino has fallen under different owners for the past 382 years. But it became Venice city property back in 1946. Right now it has become quite a tourist site for those gambling fanatics.

Casino De Spa
Casino de Spa is about 257 years old. The casino was built in Belgium back in 1763. It has become the second most historic establishments in the casino world. However, the building was destroyed during the First World War. Ever since its 1918 refurbishment, it has gone through major transformation.

The casino is currently owned by Circus Casino Spa Group. The organization has surely tried by all means to make sure that the casino stays up to date.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden
If you are looking for a one stop casino then this might just be the best casino for you. This 186 years old casino.

Also the casino is now currently being used as an events venue and no longer for casino games. For example, the Olympic congress, chess tournaments and summits. The casino is said to have hosted on the most historical figures in the world. Hence, if you are looking forward to rubbing onto their luck, then maybe you try the casino and see for yourself.