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Strip poker is a variant of the card game of poker, in which the rules require players to remove articles of clothing in response to various events. The first Strip Poker computer game was written by the German Gamedesigner Dieter Eckhardt in the late 1970's using the computers of an astronomical observatory near Düsseldorf.


The game can be played based on any variety of poker, with the same number of players, dealing and betting rules, etc. It usually starts with all players wearing equal number of articles of clothing. There are a number of ways in which the rules can then be developed into strip poker. For example, at the end of each hand:

The player with the worst hand must remove a piece of their clothing; or
The player who loses the most money in that round must remove one; or
The player with the best hand may remove it from them; or
The player with the best hand may choose which player must lose an article; or
All players except the winner of the hand lose an article. Note that this makes for an extremely brief game, unless fully-nude players are required to perform some action when they lose a hand, in which case it may even continue after all players are nude.
Alternatively, whenever a player runs out of chips, they must trade a piece of clothing for a new (usually fixed) number of chips.
If players are then allowed to "buy back" clothing when they have won more chips, this can result in a zero-sum game, where there is no long-term net loss of clothing. (With two people, this will have the consequence that only one of them is missing clothing.) (Note that "buying back" may be disallowed, so that the aggregate nudity is always increasing.)
Instead of having a fixed amount of "trade-in" value for all articles of clothing, some rules allow for a variable trade-in value system with articles of clothing that covers a contestant's vital erogenous zones having the highest value. (Bras and panties having a higher values than sandals or high heels.)
As a further variant, players who have lost all of their clothing, achieving total nudity, must perform sex acts.


There are no known professional associations or official rules. The U.S. TV show Strip Poker is in fact a general knowledge quiz, albeit one where contestants take (some of) their clothes off; though it involves cards in poker hands, the resemblance to the actual game is distant.

Strip poker productions typically involve a group of all female players. The most famous strip poker productions were probably National Lampoon's Strip Poker and Strip Poker Invitational. Both productions featured a group of female players made up of Playboy or World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) models together with pin-up models competing in unscripted no limit Texas Hold 'em poker competition. The productions for National Lampoon were filmed in their entirety at the Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica, whereas Strip Poker Invitational productions were filmed in Las Vegas and both productions aired on Pay-Per-View in 2005. The winner of the first episode of National Lampoon's Strip Poker was veteran Playboy model Taylor Kennedy, who stripped five other models completely naked in the process. National Lampoon's Strip Poker was the first title in National Lampoon's history to feature full frontal female nudity.

The prefix "strip" can be added on to a game title with a subsequent nudity-inducing adaptation of the rules (e.g., strip Candyland and strip chess).

While a popular subject for pornographic fantasy and video games, genuine research into strip poker as a form of sexuality is lacking. The element of risk and of (mock) coercion fits in with a general sexual approach of domination and submission and/or humiliation.

Strip poker and other sexual games can occur:

as part of a mature sexual relationship, where the objective is to provide variety alongside intercourse (possibly introducing more adventurous/deviant forms of intercourse)
as a ritual of courtship (in some circumstances it may be more acceptable for partners to enter intimate situations as part of a game) as recreation amongst adults with no intention to move towards sexual intercourse as part of a pornographic display (whether as part of prostitution or not) which combines sexual titillation with the normal interest of seeing a game played as a party game for youth as the basis of various television game shows, mostly in Europe, such as Tutti Frutti/Colpo Grosso (Germany/Italy - 1990), Räsypokka (subTV - Finland - 2002), Strip! (RTL II - Germany - 1999), Strip Poker (syndicated - United States - 1997).



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