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King Kong


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Game Objective:

The King Kong is a five-reel, twenty five-paylines Non Jackpot slot game with 'The King Kong Goes Ape Feature' and 'The King Kong Smash Feature' that gives you the chance to win extra prizes. The King Kong Goes Ape Feature is awarded when King Kong appears anywhere on Reel 3. The King Kong Smash Feature is awarded when 3 or more Scattered Logos appear anywhere from left to right.

Game Information:

The minimum bet amount is $0.01 USD and the maximum bet amount is $800 USD.

You can bet on up to twenty five lines.

The brand new King Kong slot is a five reel, twenty-five line video slot machine.

Based on the classic movie the King Kong slot offers all the excitement and fury you would expect from anything related to King Kong as he takes on New York City in this exciting new casino slot.

The graphics are excellent with some exciting sound effects, great bonus features, look for symbols like the King Kong symbol, Ann Darrow, Aeroplanes and movie tickets for some great fun on the reels. Spins start at just 1c and with a jackpot of 7,500 players are bound to go bananas for this game.

There’s lots of exciting features on the King Kong slot, wilds, scatters and two great bonus games are sure to get players coming back to this one time and time again.

The Wild symbol is shown as King Kong himself and substitutes all symbols except scatters. Wilds only appear on lines two, three and four. Wilds also trigger one of the bonus games when shown on reel three.

The scatter symbol is the King Kong logo and pays out stake multiples when you land three or more anywhere on the reels. Get three or more left to right on a pay line and activate a bonus game.

The first bonus feature is the ‘King Kong goes Ape’ bonus feature, triggered when you see the Wild symbol on reel three. Hit the bonus feature and see reel four expand to incorporate wilds only, the win you receive will be what is showing on the reels once King Kong has finished breaking through the online slot reels.

Get three scatter symbols left to right and activate the ‘King Kong smash bonus’ feature. Select aeroplanes for King Kong to smash increasing your amount of free spins. Once King Kong has missed three planes the amount of spins collected will be awarded.

All things considered the King Kong slot reaches all its expectations, it’s noisy, fun and exciting with some great features and a ‘reel’ playability. This casino slot will be one to look out for in the coming weeks!



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King Kong is the name of a fictional giant gorilla from the fictional Skull Island, who has appeared in several works since 1933. These include the groundbreaking 1933 film, the film remakes of 1976 and 2005, and numerous sequels. His role in the different narratives varies from source to source, ranging from mindless monster to tragic antihero. The rights to the character are currently held by Universal Studios, with limited rights held by the estate of Merian C. Cooper.


In the original film, the character's name is Kong -- a name given to him by the inhabitants of "Skull Island" in the Indian Ocean, where Kong lived along with other over-sized animals such as a plesiosaur, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs ("Kong" is actually the Danish word for "King", the cognate of the English word; there is no clear evidence on whether or not this was known to the filmmakers or influenced them). "King" is an appellation added by an American film crew led by Carl Denham, who captures Kong and takes him to New York City to be exhibited as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". Kong escapes and climbs the Empire State Building (the World Trade Center in the 1976 remake) where he is shot and killed by aircraft. Nevertheless, as Denham comments, "it was beauty killed the beast", for he climbed the building in the first place only in an attempt to protect Ann Darrow, an actress originally offered up to Kong as a sacrifice. (In the 1976 remake the equivalent character is named Dwan.)

A mockumentary about Skull Island on the DVD for the 2005 remake (but originally seen on the Sci-Fi Channel at the time of its theatrical release) gives Kong's scientific name as Megaprimatus kong, and states that his species may have evolved from Gigantopithecus.

The King Kong character was conceived and created by US filmmaker Merian C. Cooper. (Credit: Wikipedia).