Scott Maxworthy

Scott Maxworthy

Scott Maxworthy is CEO of and Max Media and Entertainment.

42 year old Scott was born and bred in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney, Australia; is a tragic Cronulla Sharks supporter, a surfer, photographer, musician, public speaker, business man, marketer, entrepreneur and has been involved with personal computer technology for nearly thirty years.

An Interesting Adventure

After realising at a young age his musical and professional sporting career opportunities were limited he began his business career in finance with Kerry Packers Consolidated Press Investments group. Note: During the weekend he still played in the band with his father Peter, brother Brett and sister Nicolle.

Within a few years he moved into the rapidly growing personal computer industry and with the computer skills learned in finance, quickly became National IBM Product Marketing Manager for the Australias largest computer reseller franchise network. His focus was always on what technology meant for users and businesses.

A few years later, having a strong interest in this new concept of "multimedia computing" he headed off to the UK where he teamed up with a Scottish entrepreneur who developed a CD ROM directory of the UK's leading creative talent - it was a really tough job he said, traveling and working with all those beautiful models and leading advertising agencies in the UK. This business went from conception to sale to a large global publishing company in just over a year.

While in the UK he fell in love with the community aspects of English hotels and on returning to Australia did some corporate consulting work until he found a hotel he could convince his family to get involved with. Sydney pubs at that time had lost that loving feeling and live entertainment was practically non existent.

In 1996 the Maxys took over management of the Intersection Tavern at Ramsgate, in Sydney's southern suburbs not far from where they grew up. Scott was the General Manager responsible for all marketing, entertainment and operations. was launched - Australia's first cyberpub.

Within eighteen months they had turned the hotel into a very popular local water hole. The hotel focused on the highest level of customer service; creating a passionate team and having lot's of fun with their customers. Events ranged from Skirmish and Race Days to Toga, Hippy, Pajama Parties to Sunday morning ten pin bowls. Live entertainment was a key factor and special guest artists with the Maxys Band included Mark Williams, Ian Moss, Mal Eastick, Terry King plus a host of others. In November 1997 the hotel was sold at 4x the original valuation.

With the sale of the hotel, Max Media then launched, an internet portal for the $141b Australian Building and Construction Industry which over seven years grew to over 75,000 builders and trades listed; 1,000 suppliers and 17,000 online customers. Scott was CEO and his father Peter Chairman. E-commerce enabliing the building industry was one of Scott's greatest challenges but promised massive rewards. It was during this time he began to experiment with online video marketing.

In July 2007 Peter Maxworthy suddenly died in a tragic boating accident the day BANGitUP had agreed to be sold.

In January 2008 Scott began working with old friends RidgeFilms to help them develop their corporate video production business.

In May maxys launched the new Ridge Films website and within eight weeks they ranked in the top three on Google. Sales time per job was reduced by 75% and quote:order increased 200%.

In July 2008, the new was launched featuring their new "personalise the web" service - a joint venture between RidgeFilms and

Scott lives in Sans Souci on Botany Bay with his naturopath partner Kim and their two big dogs Basil the Bull Mastiff and Bella the Great Dane.

The Maxys Band continues to perform at local pubs and clubs

Please contact Scott directly for an interview or public speaking request. (Credit: Max Media and Entertainment).


Max Media and Entertainment

In 1994 Max Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd was formed by the Maxworthy family to combine the creative talents, skills and resources of the group.

The business provided new media consulting services to the NSW Government and corporate clients such as the John Fairfax Group and Australian Consolidated Press. He also did a stint with the Advanced Networks division of Telstra selling Interactive Voice Response systems to corporate and government call centers.

At this time Internet use was low - US number of internet users was 10%; Australia 8.5% and Worldwide less than 1%. The major use of the web was email and chat. Internet speeds were slow an average 28.8 Kbps (Kilobytes per second) on a dial up modem.

MAXYS relaunch

From November 2007, Max Media began collaborating with RidgeFilms to look at Internet video production services to the Corporate and Government market.

In less than six month Ridge rose to high rankings on Google and other search engines for corporate video production.

In July 2008, was relaunched with our "Personalising The Web" video technology.

With renewed energy and mission - to focus our energies on creativity, innovation and helping our customers and partners Focus Attention on Customer Engagement (what we call "The FACE" program).

In summary,

* Over the last thirty years personal computers have fundamentally changed how we manage information.
* Over the last fifteen years the Internet has increasingly changed the way we interface and communicate with our customers, employees, peers, government and suppliers.
* The next 15 years and beyond offers enormous opportunities for smart businesses, government and people.