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6th August 2010

PartyGaming - 2010 Half Year Results


Before we get to the proposed merger with bwin, first of all how would you characterise these results? Because most of the revenue growth has come from acquisitions, hasn't it?

In the first half of this year we had solid revenue growth - overall 30 per cent - but if you actually dissect it, our Casino vertical grew 23 per cent organically and our Sports vertical grew 89 per cent organically. So if you extract out the acquisitions of Cashcade and World Poker Tour, which we did mid to late last year, the business overall still grew 7 per cent half on half. So in light of the current macroeconomic climate and the competitive nature of Poker, we're not unhappy with that growth.

And overall strong performances from most of the segments, except Poker. What happened there exactly, and does the decline in revenues worry you?

So half over half we're looking at a 10 per cent decline. One has to analyse what has caused that, and there are three distinct factors. First, as I've mentioned, is the macroeconomic climate, which impacted us last year and continues to be a factor this year. There's also the strength of the US dollar against the pound and the euro, and that's had the effect of reducing the purchasing power of our consumers. And last, but not least, we're operating in a poker marketplace, in a hyper-competitive environment. Now what's caused that? We've got the likes of US-facing operators who are bringing their US profits into the European marketplace and exploiting that, driving up cost per acquisitions making it a much more competitive market to operate in. In the final analysis poker will remain tough throughout 2010 and 2011, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - and it's poker in regulated markets. The difference here, there are fewer competitors in those markets, freedom to advertise. And our early experience in Italy and France - growth.

But the nature of that regulation could also impact revenues in Poker, especially because of the way that regulation is moving against cross-border pooling and poker is all about cross-border pooling.

It's actually unique, in that we call it a ring-fenced environment. So if we take Italy and France, Italians can only play with Italians and French with French. The beauty of this is there are fewer competitors. In the case in France, we were one of the first five poker licensees - I think there are approximately 10 today. The competitors that are in the marketplace can't take their worldwide liquidity into the marketplace, so everyone has a level playing field. And then last, but not least, you can advertise freely. In most of the European markets it's difficult to invest in advertising. In Italy and France media organisations are openly accepting advertising for .it and .fr sites and, hence, what we're seeing is revenue growth.

Casino is now the largest contributor in terms of revenues and clean EBITDA, but the cross-selling from Poker, that's not sustainable, is it?

Well, I think we perhaps need to do a bit of a history lesson here to help the PartyGaming investor understand where we've been and where we're going, and where we are. I'm going to take you back to Q1 of 2008. And 93 per cent of the consumers that played on PartyCasino were actually acquired through PartyPoker. So fast forward to Q2 of 2010, 77 per cent of the PartyCasino players come from PartyPoker. Why has that change occurred? Because we have actually a casino direct marketing organisation where our objective is to go out and acquire pure-play casino players.

Now why are we doing that? One, to reduce the pressure on our Poker liquidity - as it's become more competitive we want more consumers to stay in our Poker network. Two, the lifetime value of your pure-play casino player is twice that of a casino player that comes from PartyPoker. The proof is in the pudding. Take you back to Q1 of 2008. The average daily yield from a Casino consumer was EUR25.8. In Q2 of 2010 it's EUR40.7.

So how will you be targeting pure-play Casino spend?

The success that we've had in growing our Casino business - there's been three key attributes to it. The first is content. Last year we introduced 80 new games; this year we will introduce 50 new games. Every time we introduce new Casino content into the marketplace it gives us a reason to go and acquire more players and it gives us a reason to communicate to existing consumers. Inevitably, they come back, try the games and then move on to their old favourites or, in fact, find new favourites.

The second component was our jackpot strategy. Over the course of the last two years we have built the jackpots up, with the increasing size of our Casino liquidity pool, to the largest in the marketplace. Case in point, our Melon Madness slot re-seeds at $1.5m. What does that mean? Every time it's won it starts again at $1.5m. The largest jackpot we had was just over $5m. More recently we had a $3.1m jackpot. That's a differentiator for us in the marketplace.

Lastly, and it's a follow on from the fact that we are acquiring fewer Casino players from our Poker liquidity pool is the fact that we are marketing directly to the casino marketplace. We've installed a Casino affiliate programme, an SCO programme, pay-per-click direct marketing, so our marketing organisation has expanded to get to know and to cater to casino consumers directly.

If we take a look at European regulation, we're hopeful in the fourth quarter of this year that the Italian marketplace will allow table games; possibly in Q1 of next year, slots. We've got the market in Denmark, January of 2011, opening up for casino games. So we should see more growth on the back of regulation.

Why wasn't Casino and Bingo impacted by the World Cup, when you say that Poker was?

There's a higher correlation between a Poker consumer and a Sports Betting consumer. And what do I mean by that? Anyone who was likely to be watching the football games would typically be a poker player or a sports betting player on our network. Bingo and Casino consumers are less likely and, hence, those two verticals weren't impacted as much as Poker was.

Aside from the costs related to the Cashcade and the World Poker Tour acquisitions, how happy are you with the costs and what are you doing about the lower than expected margins as a result?

First half our margins were 26.7 per cent against a target of 28 per cent. There are two distinct reasons why there was a shortfall. First and foremost, we had a very large jackpot hit in our Casino environment and we had the need to re-seed that jackpot with EUR1.3m. That was a one-time cost.

Secondly, in the Italian marketplace we were expecting the launch of cash game poker and casino games in the first quarter of the year. We made advertising commitments to the tune of EUR5m. In fact, cash game poker and casino games have now been delayed until fourth quarter, so we got a lower return on investment in the ad spend in Italy.

And your margin targets as a result?

Margin targets as a result for this year as a whole, we're still forecasting 28 per cent. So we'll pick up the difference in the second half.

Proposed bwin merger

The big news, of course, is your proposed merger with bwin, so can you summarise what you see as the value for your shareholders?

Certainly. The merged organisation will be the world's largest listed online gaming company with, if we take 2009 pro-forma results, revenues just shy of EUR700m with clean EBITDA just shy of EUR200m. We will be a leader in all four product verticals; that's poker, excluding US-facing sites; sports betting; casino and bingo.

So, interestingly enough, if we take a look at the PartyGaming strategy, one to merge or acquire a business that was in sports, was number one on our list. Two, to be an industry leader, and we've always said top three in each product vertical. Well, with this merger we'll be number one in each of the product verticals. From a peer-to-peer perspective we'll have one of the largest liquidity pools in the marketplace, as well as regulated marketplaces, in the poker world. Liquidity will benefit our jackpot strategy in Casino, will benefit risk management in Sports and also give us larger prize pools in Bingo, so it's good news all the way around.

Our balance sheet strength doubles; the amount of cash we'll have on hand, the cash flow generation we'll get from the merged enterprise. Access to debt and capital markets will improve. All of this gives us further strength to continue the efforts to consolidate the sector. So, all said and done, it looks pretty good. And then you can top it all off with two of the best online gaming teams in the sector coming together.

You've outlined the cost and revenue synergies from the merger. The cost synergies are clearer, but can you give me some more detail about how the revenue synergies will be achieved?

Certainly. Let me just take a step back and talk about the order of magnitude of synergies. This merged enterprise will deliver EUR55m of synergies. The bulk of those synergies will be delivered in the first financial year following the merger. Approximately one-quarter of those synergies will be from the revenue side of the ledger, and those are driven largely on the back of merging liquidity pools in the Poker, Casino, Sports and Bingo sides of the business; taking advantage of bwin's margins. If I take a look at in-run betting, their margins are approximately 2 per cent higher than our own, so there are very nicer revenue synergies to be generated using their risk management profiles and tools.

From the Casino perspective we achieve higher player yields, so using our Casino platform into the bwin environment will see an improvement in Casino revenues. And also we take our blackjack product and our roulette product and we embed that into the Poker client. So the bwin poker consumer will be able to enjoy casino-style games while sitting at the poker table. Those are just few examples.

All said and done, if we take a look at the full population of synergies, the EUR55m, there are 23 specific streams that we'll be actioning to ensure that we realise the full amount of synergies. And I would like our investors to know that they can count on the full EUR55m of synergies being realised as planned.

So are your synergy targets too conservative, then?

I think our synergy targets are realistic. What we want the investor base to be able to do is to plan around this number and to forecast our movements around this number. Obviously, we have a desire to over-achieve that target, and that would be good. And if we do in fact over-achieve the target, what I would like the marketplace to know is that it is our intention equally to achieve revenue and cost synergies in this deal, but also to achieve organic growth. And any excess achieved is quite likely going to be invested back into the business to secure future growth.

You're both strong in Germany. So are you worried about over-dependence on that one location, particularly in the light of upcoming regulation?

One of the compelling factors in terms of the two parties coming together in this merger was the fact that we would broaden our revenue base across various geographies. We still have a strong presence in Germany but, interestingly enough, we're looking at the German environment as possibly changing positively towards a regulated environment. We've got four of 16 States that have come out and publicly stated that they would embrace a regulated online gaming marketplace. And if you consider that in the context of Europe, where we've seen the United Kingdom, Italy, France, we're soon to see Belgium, Denmark, Greece, possibly Spain, I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect that Germany will follow.

And why is there such a long completion timetable?

It's approximately six months. It's largely process driven. Some of the key components to the process: first and foremost, we have to go through a European merger expert review - that's essentially a review of the fairness of the exchange ratio or the value split between the parties; we've then got to issue a prospectus because this will, for all intents and purposes, be a re-listing of the Party stock on the London Stock Exchange; we'll go through various government approvals; a shareholder vote; and then an employee consultation. All said and done, we're hoping to close the transaction in the first quarter of 2011.

But it does increase the risk of a counter bid. So you're confident that you'll complete the deal?

We certainly are dedicating significant resources -- both organisations are dedicating significant resources because we're highly confident we'll get to the end of this, yes.

And you say that you and Norbert Teufelberger will be joint CEOs, so how will that work in practice?

It's a partnership. What one has to understand is we will have a combined organisation of over 3,000 staff spread across Europe, highly complicated businesses with diverse cultures. To have two experienced online gaming executives coming together as a true partnership to drive the future of the business, I think, is going to be nothing but good for the shareholders. And for Norbert and I it's about value creation.

So we have spent a good chunk of time talking about very difficult issues as we have negotiated our way towards completing a merger agreement. The more time we spend with each other the more challenges that we've been able to work through together, the more good I feel about the partnership and how we're going to work together. So I'm looking forward to it - I know he is. And I think the combined shareholder base will be the benefactors.

USA regulation

Are you encouraged by the recent committee approval of the amended Frank Bill?

We're very encouraged by it. In fact, we're encouraged by a number of factors that exist in the US today. We're seeing movements from the legislative perspective at a Federal level, which are quite exciting for us. We're seeing the land-based environment adopt and embrace the online sector and supporting these Bills moving forward. We're seeing State lotteries getting involved, the horse racing constituency, the Indian constituency all taking a good hard look at what the opportunities will be if, in fact, the sector is regulated, or probably more aptly stated, when it's regulated.

And how do you think it will play out on the State level?

Interestingly enough, there have been efforts to prepare Bills in New Jersey, California and Florida, most notably. Those efforts, at this point in time, seem to have stalled as the Federal efforts have gained momentum. But that being said, we do fully expect to see more momentum at a State level towards regulating poker, casino and, perhaps, bingo games.

Assuming that you can re-enter the US market at some point, is it likely to be by a merger with a US land-based or online company? And do you think you'll have to become a US company?

It'll be driven by the nature of the regulation. So we're quite interested to see how it's finally going to work itself all out. That being said, we can't control that in any meaningful way. So what we can control is our readiness. And so we have made the decision to be ready to potentially to be a B2C operator in the marketplace, to be ready to be a B2B partner or a B2G partner, or, in fact, to look at join venture type partnerships.

And how quickly could you move?

Frankly, we're ready now.


What are your priorities for the second half?

There are three distinct priorities. The first is to deliver our 2010 budget. The second is to continue the execution of our three-year plan. We've just finished the second year. We believe we are ahead of schedule, so we've got some exciting things that we'll deliver in the final year of the plan. And then the third priority is to complete the bwin/PartyGaming merger.

And what are some of those exciting things to come?

I would say the biggest area of focus - in addition to completing the merger with bwin, which is, in fact, right on strategy but will take the latter part of this year to position nicely - is the further development of our regulatory market strategy. So we've Italy, we've entered France. The Italian marketplace is going to open up in the very meaningful way at the end of this year and into the new year, with cash game poker, casino table games and, hopefully, slots.

We've got Denmark opening up January of next year, perhaps Belgium following suit. We now have the Greek government, the Spanish government taking a look at it. The Canadian government, we've had three Provinces open up business for online gaming. And then we've got to further our strategy in the US marketplace. Developing our B2B and our B2G strategy, looking for partners in that market as it continues to evolve and as the regulatory environment unfolds, preparing ourselves as appropriate for that.

And how do you plan to manage handling all of that while keeping your focus on the merger as well?

Interestingly enough, we're organised to do that today. So we have a team of people who are focused 100 per cent on completing the merger. We have a team of people who are dedicated to the US strategy, our B2B strategy, Italy, France etc. The interesting thing, and where it does get very exciting, is once you do merge these two organisations our scale goes to the next level, and that's a compelling factor here. In that we will be able to exploit more regulated markets, we'll be able to move along the strategy paradigm faster, and that is what I look forward to most.

So what are your expectations for the full year?

Well, our expectations are to deliver the plan, to actually sit back in a year's time with our shareholders and demonstrate to them that we did, in fact, execute all of the major components of our three-year strategy. And we're well positioned for the next three years.



4th March 2010

PartyGaming - 2009 full year results

2009 performance

Total revenue and clean EBITDA are down. So how would you characterise 2009 performance?

2009 was a challenging year. It was a pretty tough economic backdrop for the sector. In fact, the sector has not worked through, or lived through a recession before that. That being said, I think PartyGaming's performance as well as the sector's was resilient but not immune. In 2009, we focused on operations and improving our operations.

In doing so, we actually returned the business to growth. And if you take a look at our fourth quarter, all four product verticals grew in that quarter, and grew dramatically. It was a 17% quarter-over-quarter growth. So, if I take a look at the year as a whole, I would say our trading was robust, slightly ahead of analysts' consensus, so we feel good about that, and we're positioned very nicely moving into 2010.

You mentioned Q4. How much of that was down to seasonality? And how much is sustainable growth?

Well, it's interesting. Q4, Q1 are typically the two strongest quarters in a year. That being said, focusing on our core operations, focusing on the customer, making a number of product, pricing, promotional-based improvements have actually improved the trading of the company. We saw the growth, as I mentioned, 17% quarter-over-quarter growth in Q4. We've seen that growth continue into the first quarter. So we're moving into the year very optimistic about our prospects.

And what's behind the decline in new player signups in the Americas and in Asia-Pacific?

There are two factors. First and foremost, you have operators who have continued to operate in the United States, taking their profits and investing into countries like Canada. So that has made those environments far more competitive. That being said, PartyGaming is principally a European business. That's where our focus is. That's where we see our growth in the ensuing years. New, regulated markets coming - Italy, France, Denmark, hopefully Spain in the not-too-distant future. So that's where we're directing our attention at this point.

Business performance and development

Looking first at Poker, you lost third place last year, but have regained it since. What was behind this, and how will you retain your position?

Interestingly enough, it was fairly simple - focusing on core Poker operations. What does that involve? It involved rewriting our products, soup to nuts. We actually re-launched Poker in September of 2008, but on the back of that re-launch, we did some very, very important things. We focused on the consumer. We changed our VIP and loyalty points programme in July of 2009. Since we've done that, we've experienced month-over-month growth in our Poker product.

In addition to that, we modified our pricing. The market has become more competitive and we've changed our pricing policy to ensure that we were as competitively priced as the other leaders in the sector.

In addition to that, promotions. There is always a reason to come and play at Party, 24/7. We have month-long promotions that stimulate VIPs, novices and mid-level players.

And last but not least, increasing the size and the capabilities of our Poker management team. I have been with four online gaming companies now, four different Poker networks, and I've never seen a team who is more passionate about the Poker product, worked as hard to make sure that we are a leader in the sector. And yes, we're number three today, but if you take out the US operators, we're actually number one.

We also saw you buy World Poker Tour Enterprises. What's your strategy for that business? And have there been any regulatory issues with the US?

I'm going to answer the question in reverse order. First and foremost, there have been no regulatory issues. The World Poker Tour and its business is legal within the United States, and within the European community. The strategy for the World Poker Tour is fairly simple. If you take a look at the US as a case in point, and take a look at the most popular Poker brands in the United States, certainly Party would be top five. And also, World Poker Tour would be top five.

The World Poker Tour has 12 land-based events in the US. We will continue to operate those land-based events. They'll be standalone, branded World Poker Tour and their sponsors only. You will not see PartyPoker all over them. We're quite proud to have probably the best land-based tour events in the world, and we want to preserve that and grow it. We'll be growing it into Europe, with the addition of 10 land-based events.

Now, some of the European events will be sponsored by PartyPoker, and again, our focus is growing our Poker network throughout Europe. But we will also have third parties, online operators sponsor some of those events. So we are embracing our competition. We want them to participate in the land-based sponsorship, the TV sponsorship of the World Poker Tour events. So it is going to be, in one respect, business as usual for the World Poker Tour.

There is an online element that we're quite keen about in the United States, and that is the second aspect of the strategy. Subscription Poker is legal in 37 states in the US. The World Poker Tour operates in those states under the Club WPT brand. PartyPoker has a database of 12 million registered users. Our desire is to cross-pollinate the World Poker Tour subscription product into our 12 million person database. And remind those 12 million consumers that PartyPoker still exists, hopefully get them educated and interested in Poker again by getting them playing a legal subscription model, and positioning the brand for the long term - hopefully the short term, when the US market reopens.

And you launched 80 games in Casino last year, which have shown strong growth. But what's your strategy there to ensure that level of growth?

We're excited about our Casino business. What did we have? 12% year-over-year growth and we had quarter-over-quarter growth all the way through the year. The strategy is threefold.

New content. 80 new games last year. We'll have 50 new games this year. The content will be exciting. It will be branded content. Some of the branded content will be those trusted Hollywood brands that you saw come from us last year - Terminator, Sinatra, Rambo to name a few. There will also be some internally developed brands from the PartyGaming game studio.

The second aspect of the strategy is focused on having life-changing events. It's a jackpot-based strategy. Last year, we had one of the largest jackpot wins in online gaming history. The jackpot was just shy of US$5 million. Today we have the largest reset value in our Melon Madness Jackpot. It resets or starts at US$1.5 million. Nobody else can match that in the sector. So we will continue to bring those life-changing events to the consumer.

And the last aspect of the strategy - and this is what excites me most - is dedicated Casino marketing. Now, here is why this is important. Historically, we've acquired all of our Casino players from our Poker database. That's been great, because our cost of acquisitions hasn't been particularly high, but it hasn't been particularly good for our Poker liquidity in a challenged competitive environment where we need to grow that liquidity. What we've now started to do is go and acquire pure-play Casino players. The magic of a pure-play Casino player? Their lifetime value is twice that of a Poker consumer who moves over to Casino.

So our Casino offering will grow in 2010 and beyond.

Bingo performance has been transformed by the acquisition of Cashcade, but how international is Bingo? And what's the growth opportunity there?

Very exciting acquisition for us. We're now a market leader in the online Bingo space. We're arguably the largest network in the United Kingdom. The UK market is probably about US$400m in 2009. Now, what's fascinating about this: the worldwide online Bingo market is US$1.7bn.

So strategically, where are we going with this business? Well, we definitely want to capture more share in the United Kingdom, and we will this year. But we're going to take that business into other European markets, so you'll likely see us go into the Nordic territories and perhaps Spain in 2010.

You've talked a lot about expanding your position in Sports Betting, and last year speculation was rife about a possible merger with bwin. What happened on that?

In fact, we've talked to a number of participants in the marketplace and continue to do so. There have been rumours about bwin and many others. The reality of it is where we stand today we have a number of discussions that are ongoing. Everything is at a preliminary stage. So, M&A continues to be a material part of our strategy moving forward, but we need the right set of circumstances for a deal to happen. So stay tuned.

B2B and B2G

You say you've done five B2B deals in 2009, excluding those that came with the acquisition of Cashcade. How significant are they?

If I may, just for a moment, just state that we're particularly proud of our B2B business vertical. Why? Because it was part of our new strategy that we announced in August of 2008. And here we are, a year and a half later, and we set that strategy up by saying we wanted to do five meaningful deals in the first year. And we did them.

You'll never see us do double digits in terms of the number of new partners we're bringing into our B2B business. The objective in 2009 was five deals, and that's exactly what we did. The objective in 2010 is five deals. Our mission is to find five B2B partners who are ready and willing to invest in their online brand and drive a successful business. It is a situation where, in fact, less is more.

All of this, the five that we have, the five that we'll do in 2010, will contribute as a foundation to our plan to achieve in excess of US$30m revenue from our B2B business in 2012.

Turning to your B2G vertical, some commentators believe signing agreements with governments is restricting your potential earnings in a free market, and restricting your liquidity pool. What's your view on this? And do you intend to continue a strategy of B2G as your preferred entry into a market?

I'm going to take you back to our strategy session in 2008. The executive team sat down and we took at look at the competitive environment and we said, 'Let's move five years out in trying to understand what this marketplace looks like.' The first thing we agreed on was the marketplace within Europe would regulate, and potentially within the United States and the rest of the world. In a regulated market, who are we going to have to compete against? We're going to have to compete against media organisations, trusted brands like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo - and governments - including state lottery operators and government operators for online gaming services.

So we won't get to dictate what is the best way to enter into these markets. They're going to regulate. And the regulations, as they are in Europe today, vary from country to country. Is it a preferred approach? Our preferred approach is in fact to operate in regulated marketplaces because there is certainty. But there's something also more valuable in a regulated market - the ability to freely advertise.

So our strategy right now is without question to focus on our B2B offering. So we'll tackle those trusted brands and those media channels that want to get into the online sector. But also our B2G. It's a natural. We've positioned our business beautifully for it for 2010. And what we will do, with both the B2B and the B2G, is marry them up with our liquidity pool that we generate from B2C. And hence, as we're doing in Italy today, provide the consumer with the best possible experience.

Regulation and industry consolidation

How much time are you devoting to the US at the moment? You've got your non-prosecution deal now agreed. You've got the World Poker Tour deal under your belt. The Barney Frank bill is in motion, for instance. You're well-placed for a comeback, aren't you?

We are still very much a European-focused business. That is how we'll pay the bills throughout 2010 and beyond. That being said, we can't ignore the opportunity in the United States. Truth be told, if I take you back to 2006, on a run rate basis, our business would have done US$1.2b worth of revenue and generated three-quarters of a billion dollars (US$750m) of EBITDA. The PartyPoker brand is still one of the most popular - if not the most popular - Poker brand in that marketplace.

So what have we done? We now have an office in Los Angeles. We have 38 employees. We've moved one of our executives, in fact an individual who used to run PartyPoker when we were in the US, over to our LA office. We're propagating Poker through our subscription model right now in the WTP. We're actively talking to land-based operators and others who are potentially interested in getting into this marketplace when it regulates.

So we're sowing the seeds, if you will, right now and planting trees, preparing ourselves for re-entry. If and when it regulates, we'll be there.

And what further opportunities are you seeing in Europe?

Europe is an exciting place from a regulatory perspective right now. We have got Italy - and Italy is without question the fastest-growing poker market within the European Union. What you have to realise is, it is a regulated market now only for tournament poker. Tournament poker is 25 per cent of our core Poker business. Cash game poker makes up the balance. Cash game poker is in the process of being regulated, and hopefully will be so in the first half of 2010. Also with that, Casino games in the first half of 2010. And, hopefully in the second half, Bingo. So the Italian market is very exciting. We should expect to see some very nice growth coming from that country.

France? Hopefully mid-year will regulate online poker and sports betting. And Denmark, beginning of 2011. We also have the Spanish government, at a federal level, considering how best to manage online poker and regulation. So we're excited about some of the developments that we're seeing in the European marketplace.

Management focus and outlook

You now have a COO, Per Widerström. So how are you focused to strategically develop the business in 2010?

It's wonderful having Per. I was happy over 2009 to get actively involved in the operations, dig a little deeper and understand the business and perhaps put 'Jim Ryan's' thumbprint on the few areas that I felt I could contribute. Per, an experienced online gaming executive joining the team, taking over the day-to-day operations, will free me up to do a couple of important things. First and foremost, make sure that we monetise the synergies from the deals that we've done in 2009. Secondly, focus on new M&A opportunities. And lastly, contribute to the growth of our B2B and B2G efforts, not only in Europe but hopefully in the United States.

Are you happy with the way the year has started? And what's your outlook for the business in 2010?

We have started this year very positively, and we're quite confident and optimistic about our growth prospects for the balance of the year. Viva Las Vegas

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The task is easy: simply climb our coolest leader board ever by earning points when you play our jackpot slots. Reach pole position and you’ll win the Maserati if either our Gold Mega Jackpot or The Big One is hit.

Here are the jackpot slots that will earn you points for the Grand Win Auto leader board:

Mega Fortune Wheel
The Godfather
Super Mystic
Super Star
Super Joker
Super Fortune Wheel
Melon Madness
If neither jackpot is hit before 19th May, your leader board position still puts you in line for a share of $150,000.

With such an amazing prize up for grabs, the action on our slots promises to be fast and furious. Drive for the top spot and keep earning those leader board points: you never know when our jackpots could be won.

Push yourself to the limit in Grand Win Auto now.

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Jungle Boogie! The Lord Of The Jungle Swings Into - Multi-Hand Blackjack Pro For Serious Players - Return Of Gold Mega Jackpot Porsche Challenge!

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PartyCasino Releases More Slot Games

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The Godfather

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The mix of games available at Party Casino includes: Roulette, Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Jacks or Better, Mega Deuces Wild, Mega Joker Poker, Virtual Racing, Let It Ride, Keno, Baccarat, Red Dog, Casino War, Progressive Caribbean Poker, Slots, Jackpot slots and more.

Recent releases include RAMBO, TOP GUN, The Hulk, Mission: Impossible and Saturday Night Fever..

The affiliation with, bringing in a range of top themed games looks to be a sure fire winner and cements the companies place amongst the worlds top online casinos. And, PartyCasino and are honest, friendly, and understand customer service, and what the online casino player and operators want. Top ranking casino.


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Jackpot Slots: Cash Cruise, Fire Drake, Golden Oasis, Super Joker, Super Mystic, Super Star, Super Fortune Wheel, Sweet Hawaii and Mega Fortune Wheel.

Virtual Racing: Virtual Greyhound and Virtual Horse

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Blockbuster slots at

Saturday Night Fever is full of iconic imagery from the film, including the Odyssey disco, the Cuban heels and, of course, the flares. There’s also an ultra-cool bonus round based on the film’s famous dance competition. Fly with the disco moves over six super-fly rounds, each with a progressively bigger prize.

Mission: Impossible is packed with all the thrilling scenes from the movie, including the legendary high-speed train chase. You're sure to enjoy the high-octane action.

The Godfather Slot is our greatest-ever ‘Gold Jackpot’ slot game with a ‘feature’ game that gives you the chance to win extra prizes. The game also features a wild symbol, The Godfather, which appears on reels two, three and four only and substitutes for all symbols other than the scattered Gold Ring symbol. For each bet placed, the house adds a percentage of the bet amount to all the four running Gold Jackpots making them grow progressively, as bets are made. All four levels in Gold Jackpot can be won irrespective of hitting any winning combination, while betting any amount.

Top Gun slot game lets you earn your place as a fighter ace and secure a big-money fortune and the title of Top Gun. While your players take off for the skies, they can pick up even more cash by defending themselves from enemy bogeys in the thrilling bonus round.

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