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PartyCasino accepts players from most parts of the world. In 2010 PartyCasino may be able to accept U.S players - profile

Virgin Casino accepts players mainly from Europe. No U.S or Australian players - profile

Captain Cooks Casino accepts players from most parts of the world - profile

World Poker Tour accepts players from most parts of the world - profile accepts players from most parts of the world - profile accepts players from most parts of the world - profile

GetMinted accepts players mainly from Europe. No U.S players - profile

InterCasino accepts players from most past of the world. No U.S players - profile

Centrebet accepts players from most parts of the world. Mainly sports betting - profile

Betfair accepts players from most parts of the world - profile is a safe, secure global platform that gives console gamers the chance to win real money playing video games. Combining a passion for technology with an obsession with fairness, is built on a promise to give users the best possible gaming experience on the web.

The platform combines a number of unique tools that automatically verify results, ensure secure payouts, and accurately reflect the skill levels of potential opponents. Registered members also gain access to a number of rich community features including member pages, clan support, stats tracking, and invitations to some of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world.

For every gamer that has dreamed of holding a controller high above their head and proclaiming they are the greatest freaking player alive, is the ultimate destination to play for real money against gamers from all across the globe.

What consoles and games are tournaments available for? supports top multiplayer titles that meet our criteria for safety, security, and totally ass-kicking gameplay.

All tournaments on the roster feature titles that allow our system to directly verify game stats. This ensures that you get rewarded for your hard earned victory, and sore losers can't report false user scores. Ever.

At this time, only games on the Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 meet these standards. Wii, PC Games and tournaments are not yet supported.

Now Playing - XBOX 360: Halo 3, Madden 10, FIFA 10, NHL 10, NCAA Football 10.

Now Playing - PS3: Fight Night Round 4, Madden 10, Fifa 10, Resistance fall of man, MotorStorm 2, NHL 10, NCAA Football 09.

Coming Soon: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, UFC Undisputed 2010, Grand Turismo 5, Lost Planet 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Blur, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and more!

Does it cost money to register and use the site?
Nope! Registration is quick, painless and 100% free - no credit card or deposit required. Taunt, snipe, and button mash to your heart's content in the community while you build up your gaming networks and enhance your skills.

When you're ready to experience the thrill of winning cold hard cash in tournament play, deposits can be easily made to your account though PayPal and all major credit cards.

Registered users (free and real money accounts) also gain access to the full range of our social networking features including original video content, gaming news, reviews, lifestyle blogs, and more.

Is legal?

All tournaments and services offered through are considered "Games of Skill." Games of Skill are games in which the element of skill supersedes the element of chance, as opposed to traditional casino games where the element of chance supersedes the element of skill. is therefore not considered a gambling arena and as such is legal in most European territories and the majority of the United States.

Additionally, has no vested interest in which player prevails (unlike in a Casino game or sport betting scenario). provides the forum in which the games are arranged and guarantees that the winners get paid. serves as a facilitator of games and tournaments and does not make any money from the outcome of any tournament.

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International Internet Betting Laws

It may seem difficult but it is important that all citizens across the world stay updated with Internet Betting laws. Below you will find what we understand as the laws to online betting in certain areas of the world.

US Internet Betting Laws
The United States of America has the most ambiguous online casino laws in the world. They have passed laws to ban banks from allowing transactions that are deemed illegal, but no one has any idea what the United States considers legal or illegal. Currently, all US citizens are advised to check with local laws before gambling online. Even the online casinos aren't sure if you should be allowed to bet at their site. Some companies don't allow US players, others allow some US players, and some could care less where a player is from.

UK Internet Casino Laws
The UK is the first major country to completely legalize and regulate online gambling. The Gambling Act of 2005 was passed while Prime Minister Tony Blair was in office. Blair had a flair for expanding gambling, but when Gordon Brown took over as Prime Minister in the UK he provided a tax structure that was so high that most online casino companies were not urged to relocate to England. Today, all web branded casinos that are in a UK approved jurisdiction are legal for UK citizens to play at.

International Online Betting Laws
As the world gets deeper into the 21st century and the Internet becomes a more common cultural tool more and more countries are realizing the reality that is Internet gambling. Currently, Spain, Italy, Germany and other countries have moved to legalize and regulate the industry, while few still look to protect their homeland gaming monopolies. It is extremely important to check all local, state, and federal laws before participating in any online gambling activities.


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