Vegas vs Atlantic City For Casinos, Hotels, Entertainment and everything else

Vegas vs Atlantic City For Casinos, Hotels, Entertainment and everything else

Casino News Media and Associates have a look at...

Who does what better. It's Las Vegas vs Atlantic City

Which city would Australian tourists and casino players most likely prefer?

Vegas - modern, trendy, hip and famous of course; Gets more high class VIP entertainment and games

So does Atlantic City have the edge for anything? Perhaps some casino games if you have the edge and insider info. Not as many traps in Vegas suggests insiders. Less tourism and crimes in AC


Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the two gambling hotshots of the United States. You likely knew that Aussie.

Both the cities offer visitors a strong variety of casinos, clubs, bars, fine dining options and showgirls to choose from!

They are super accessible, have plenty of coupons and tricks around to get a good deal, and have a interesting rep of making people forget their worries, drink to the tilt and take decisions they’ll often regret the next morning. Regardless, gamblers can be seen flocking the joints around the year, and well as scouring the internet for more info on what to do once they get there.

Even though the two gambling towns are pretty hectic with a colorful nightlife in general, they are often pitted against each other in some key differences that set them apart from each other. Time to debate.

Can you hear the roar of the crowd as you decide what online game to play?


It is well known that Las Vegas is more busy with people, tourists, entertainment and city revenue.

Sin City has higher chances of accommodating people within budget since it has more hotels, resorts etc than Atlantic City. Vegas is bigger and has more choices in everything, including casinos,

However, this also dictates that Vegas keeps more crowded at any given time. The joint features a famous stretch of road called ‘The Strip ‘ located in the South Las Vegas Boulevard which is home to about 40 casinos, many of which get a refurbishment every year or two.

Another key point of Las Vegas is that it is more comfortable in winter. This also helps contribute to keeping its business running round the year.

Atlantic City starts lightly snowing in winter which leads to the place becoming a hardcore type gambling town during the cold - indoor season. This serves as a technical advantage of sorts for Vegas, and for the people choosing between the two cities in this season, it become an important choice with its sunshine and warm climate.

What takes Vegas up further in the rankings it is always beaming with neon lights. This gives Vegas the big city vibe.

High end entertainment...
The level of entertainment in Vegas is unmatched across the US. Guests from all over the world seek out Cirque du Soleil, Planet Hollywood, and in more recent years, the world's leading MMA comp, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Visitors can also walk down to the Bellagio to catch the musical fountains. In downtown Vegas, punters can also experience the epic Fremont Street and the LED canopy, among other casinos and restaurants.

Home of the MGM Grand
The biggest hotel-casino giant in Vegas is called the MGM Grand. This top-ranked establishment is also the second-largest hotel in the world. It features high-end cuisines from the finest chefs in the world, five swimming pools, over 6,000 luxurious guest rooms, eight Vegas nightlife hot spots, top-tier shows, and the famous MGM lions at the Lion Habitat. Then again, there’s the Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, and many more. Don't forget to hunt down the MMA and boxing matches. Maybe place a bit of the outcomes.

Gambling action
The spectacular casino at the MGM Grand offers some high intensity gaming action. It has plenty of tables for gamblers to play Blackjack, Pai Gow, and Craps, and over a 1,000 slots from denominations ranging from $0.01 to $1000. Some of the world’s most talented poker players are present in this casino.

Entertainment + + +
Folks can also enjoy some pretty amazing entertainment in the hotel. This can include the Billboard Music Awards, a pop festival with the likes of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, and parties where Madonna is present along with regulars like David Copperfield. Magic hey!

The Vegas popular culture gives it the edge for most. Over-the-top entertainment, Vegas Wins!



Atlantic City

The most important factor that sets Atlantic City apart from Las Vegas is that it has gorgeous beaches. Now that's making us want to go there more, being beach lovers and all.

This is the key difference between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, because not only does the city have beaches, it has free beaches. It you are into mixed martial, boxing or wrestling, Vegas remains your pick...or you might have to do both if your a surf lover also.

Beaches over deserts!

It is an addition to the getaway experience and a welcome respite after all the money spent in gambling. It is interesting to see that even though beaches have nothing to do with gambling, they are heavy influencers in attracting gamblers. In this regard, the most famous spot in the city is the Jersey Shore ... you heard about it on TV punter.

Casino Boardwalk
The popular Atlantic City Boardwalk along the ocean gives the city an interesting vibe which is much sought after. It provides a holiday festival feel to the people. There are approx seven major land based casinos in Atlantic City such as Bally’s Atlantic City and Caesars Atlantic City. They are mostly located on the iconic Boardwalk and are within walking distance of each other. During the summer, the city has an overall nice resort feel with the Boardwalk and great beaches.

Another aspect that sets Atlantic City apart from Las Vegas is its Pedicabs. These are small vehicles like rickshaws that are manually wheeled on and can help people reach nearby destinations on the Boardwalk. Pedicabs enable tourists to reach their fancy casinos without having to tiring themselves out in heels even before the night starts.

The city is also big on its music. Check out the Golden Nugget and Harrah’s Resort singers and headlining comedians

The Borgata is a major venue in town. It has a casino that is 161,000 square feet in area. Visitors can get some major gambling action with over 4,000 slot machines and hundreds of table games. The casino is also known for its world-class poker program and is big on daily high-stake tourneys.

At the Borgata, visitors can also catch entertainment shows by stalwarts like the Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey, Sting, and Eric Clapton. Other entertainment options include burlesque, comedy, and rock genres in venues with up to a seating capacity of 2,400 people. The place offers the best entertainment in AC.

Atlantic City gives a unique spin to tourist experience. These traditional treats act as a perfect add-on to a fun evening. During the peak season, the place is filled with people trying their luck at minting some gambling money.

Stay or Day Trip?
There are several other factors that come into play while both avid gamblers and rookies choose between the East Coast and the West Coast. Some believe that while Atlantic City tends more towards being a day trip with beach action, Vegas is more of a staycation. Some take into consideration the welcoming environment,

Some pro gamblers also base their decision on which city has so far brought them the most amount of luck... so to speak. This is often related to their stand at the online gambling scene

For example, if a punter has been highly invested in a certain AC themed or located online casino or gambling den, they are most likely to visit Atlantic City.

So, are you ready to hit lot machines and go for the jackpot?

Vegas and AC are both part of the U.S and both will welcome you with open arms. Especially the casino management and front line staff. Online gambling dens would love to have your baseness, so leap into the action. Bet with you head, not over it, and have fun.


Fun Facts and Stats and a bit more history

Atlantic City's nine casinos saw their gambling revenue increase to nearly $267 million in May 2012, an increase of 22.5% from a year earlier.

There were two more casinos operating this May than last May, accounting for much of the increase.

The Golden Nugget had the largest increase, up 10.3% to $31.2 million; Resorts was up 4.1% to $16.1 million; and Caesars was up 3% to $22.9 million.

Tropicana had the biggest decline, down 14.6% to $29.3 million; Borgata was down 7.1% to $61.3 million; Harrah's was down 6.7% to $25.6 million, and Bally's was down less than 1% to $16 million.



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