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Bessie Bardot: The Queen of Sass

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August 2009

Geoff Barker, Bessie Bardot embark on adventure, give away material possessions

Story On Geoff Barker

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Sydney's sassy socialite and pr, media and social mover and shaker

Media Man Australia is proud to have Bessie Bardot and partner, Geoff Barker, as a business associate.


Bessie Bardot pregnant. Congrats Bess and Geoff - October 2008

Bessie Bardot to host 'Erotic Star' on Foxtel (Arena)

Movers shakers speakers broker launched - click here


Pole position - The Sydney Morning Herald

Poles apart from Idol - The Age

Bessie's raising hell - The Daily Telegraph

Bessie Bardot assists Sir Richard Branson with his campaign and publicity stunts in Australia - January 2007

Bessie Bardot hosted The Burlesque Ball The Burlesque Ball official website - 3rd November 2006

Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker were judges at The Search For Diana Goddess Of Moon and Hunting - 10th November 2006

Bessie Bardot, thanks for having a huge part in the success of The Search For Diana Goddess Of Moon and Hunting, Diabetes Australia and SoulMark media campaigns.

Jac Bowie, Bessie Bardot and Greg Tingle - The Burlesque Ball, Sydney

Richard Branson and Bessie Bardot on Sydney Harbour

Shane Warne and Bessie Bardot

Sir Rick has gas in Tank (Richard Branson and Bessie Bardot)

Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker


2008 - Changing Colours Movement, and numerous charity fundraisers and public speaking appearances

2007 - Bessie Bardot hosted The Burlesque Ball Burlesque profile

2008 - Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker host Foxtel's Erotic Star on Arena


Well done on the Armed Forces campaign in Iraq

Bessie Bardot interview with Media Man Australia


SoulMark - Bessie joined the media campaign in November 2005

Universal Peace Centre Retreat - Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker stayed at Universal Peace Centre Retreat, Uki, in February 2008


Bessie Bardot official website

Movers N Shakers

Bessie Bardot

Media Man Australia: Bessie Bardot interview


Warne wrong'un a hit with ex-model

Beauty and brains at Good Will Week Great Debate


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Friends of Bessie Bardot

Jac Bowie

Imogen Bailey

Arina Manta

Sir Richard Branson

Greg Tingle

Public thank you for assistance on various campaigns including SoulMark, The Search For Diana Goddess Of Moon and Hunting Diabetes Australia
Universal Peace Centre Retreat Changing Colours Movement and