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The Burlesque Ball


The Burlesque Ball official website The Burlesque Ball MySpace.com

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Jac Bowie, Bessie Bardot and Greg Tingle (photo by Killer INC)

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The Burlesque Ball

The Burlesque Ball was born from a concept in 2005. The event coincided with the rise in popularity of Burlesque in Australia, and was the first event of it’s kind to showcase Burlesque on such a grand scale. Many have tried to emulate and imitate it’s success with similar concepts, but each year The Burlesque Ball remains the “golden mile” for performers and the most popular choices for audiences.

Each year we lift the expectations and over deliver an incredible show filled with some of the worlds leading Artists.

Jac Bowie produced the event after discovering although Burlesque was experiencing an underground movement, there were no events that focused on big props, expensive and ornate costumes – what you associate Burlesque to be when you think of the major international stars (Dita Von Teese, Catherine D’Lish, Sally Rand etc) and had a more formal vibe that appealed to guests of all ages and walks of life.

This event oozes class and sophistication and all acts are especially produced to always dazzle but never ever offend. This is the great thing about The Burlesque Ball – it suits everyone and is a popular choice for guests experiencing Burlesque for the first time! But saying this, every show is a major production. There are no 2 minute fan dances in this production, you will find all performers have spent months preparing their unique part of the show that we can guarantee you have not experienced anywhere else!

Lavish costume design, elaborate props and music – The Burlesque Ball is everything you want Burlesque to be. This event only showcases the high end performers.

Since it’s humble beginnings , the event has now grown into a huge Burlesque spectacular, always showcasing Australia’s leading acts and we are now internationally renown as the biggest and most sophisticated event on the Australian Burlesque calendar.

We hand pick Australia’s best Burlesque performers, and each year we highlight a standout performer as our headliner (past headliners include US international star Amber Ray, Lola The Vamp & Rachel St James).

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Gypsy Wood - The Arthouse Hotel - 26th June 2008

Rachel St James - Ruby Rabbit


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The Burlesque Ball official website The Burlesque Ball MySpace.com

Jac Bowie, Bessie Bardot and Greg Tingle (photo by Killer INC)

The Burleque Ball 2007


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